Monday, November 7, 2011

Your Kids Watches Your Every Movement

I'm amazed to look at parents who would wonder why their kids turned out to be the way they are... sometimes they dun realised that they turn out the way they are based on what they learn from their parents.

Even though parents may have the best intentions but if not properly guided, they may misinterpret the message behind.

Just this afternoon, I witnessed a incident and I felt sad for the kids as I wondered how they will turned out to be in future.

I was at this restaurant where a lady was reprimanding the restaurant manager for the blunder that the waiter did.

The small son was making a scene by demanding some things from his mum. Then the waiter accidentally spilled some water over her son's pants. No doubt the waiter is at fault and any caring parent will jump to their kids defence, but asking for a discount or compensation just for that. I mean what kind of distress that they have gone through, just go the toilet and washed up.

Anyway the manager gave in and agreed to pay for the pants. After the manager walked away, the mother was so happy and so were the two kids that were with her, even said that they have gained something for just complaining. I mean what kind of mentality was she ingraining to the two kids - that it's alright to do something wrong and then demand for compensation when actually they have done the wrong thing? I just dun understand.

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