Thursday, November 20, 2008

Room for improvement

Although life is far from perfect, it is completely abundant and very much worth every moment of living. Yes, there are always things that could be improved, and that is a blessing in itself. For it means that you are alive and able to make things happen. It means that there is always the option of reaching ever higher.

There is always room for improvement, and that means there is always room to grow. Weaknesses can be transformed into strengths, and liabilities can be changed into assets.
Where there is room for improvement, there are also the seeds of opportunity and accomplishment. Businesses, careers and entire industries are built on the need and desire for continuing, expanding improvement.

When there is something that needs to be improved, learn to see it not as a deficiency. See it for what it is, which is a magnificent opportunity. If there is room for improvement, there is the real possibility of greatness.

-- Ralph Marston

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