Monday, November 17, 2008

Thoughts to Keep

* Falling in love with the Lord is the greatest romance; searching Him, the greatest adventure; finding him, the greatest achievement; and being with Him, the greatest source of happiness.

* Five Rules to be happy:
1) Free your heart from hatred,
2) Free your mind from worry,
3) Live simply,
4) Expect less and
5) Give more

* The real test of true love is having all the things go wrong but still having a special way to love despite of all the wrong things that may happen.

* Always take a CHANCE. The end result may not always be what you hoped for but that's fine... At least, you will never go through life wondering "What if... and "If only...."

* Hold a friend's hand through times of trial, let him/her find love through a hug and a smile... But also know when it is time to let go, for each and everyone of us must learn to grow.

* Love is not a word to say when we feel guilty nor the right word to say when we like a person... But LOVE really matters when we share our thoughts, our minds and our hearts.

* A soul mate is someone who brings out the best in you... They are not perfect but is always perfect for you.

* Never whisper words of love if the feeling is not true...Never share your feeling if you mean to break a heart... Never look into my eyes if all you have to do is lie... and never say hello if you really mean goodbye...

* Genuine friendship is not measured by time... but it is measured by acceptance... A friend is one where even though you reflect the silver, he/she sees the GOLD.

* It takes 3 sec. to say "I love you", 3 mins. to explain it, 3 hrs. to demonstrate it, 3 days to appreciate it, 3 trimester to produce it... but a LIFETIME to prove it.

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