Thursday, October 23, 2008

Life Skill #2 To be accepted by others with ease

Did you come across somebody whom simply irritates you? I went to a restaurant for dinner with my friends the other day. The food was great and I even told my friends that we can come here again the next time.

After we finished the food, I asked the waiter for the bill. I was taken back when he coldly told me, "$38". No "please", and no "thank you"! Just "$38"!!! The worst part was after that I made the payment by credit card, he threw my card and the receipts on the table, without arranging them properly. Despite my image of "Mr. Nice Guy", I became nasty. I went forward to the waiter and asked him, "Do you have a problem? What kind of attitude is this?" If the waiter had treated me better, would I need to create a big fuss?

Sometimes in our life, did we also do something that irritates people? The golden rule applies, "Put on a smile, and you make a day for all of us".

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