Saturday, October 25, 2008

Life Skill #4 To overcome excessive worry and tension

Long time ago in China, there was a couple with a twins. One was very positive, but the other one was very negative. During their birthday, their parents decided to give them birthday presents. For the negative child, their parents gave him lots of toys. They thought this would make him happy. As for the positive child, the parents thought that since this child was already positive, just gave him some white papers.

However, when the couple went to see their children, they were surprised to see the negative child crying. The father asked, "My dear son, why aren't you happy? You don't like the toys?" The boy replied, "You give me so many toys to play, if they are spoilt and I don't know how to repair, what should I do?" And the boy continued to cry. When the couple went to see the positive son, they were surprised to see him so happy. The mother asked her son, "My dear son, why are you so happy?" He replied, "The white papers you gave me, I can use it to fold a boat, I can also write something on it. There are so many uses for paper. Thank you very much for your present."

Do you know that it is important to overcome worries and tension? Only when you are able to do so, you are able to enjoy better relationship with people, and face greater challenges.

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