Sunday, October 26, 2008

Life Skill #5 To motivate others taking action; Give praises

There was a stingy and rich businessman. One day, he invited the local governor to his house for dinner. So he told his cook to prepare the most expensive and delicious food for his guest. During the dinner, the cook prepared Shark Fin Soup, Abalone, etc for them. The businessman was very happy until the last dish, when the Peking Duck was served. The duck had only one leg!!! The businessman was very angry and demanded the cook to give his explanation.

The cook replied, "Sir, the ducks in your house had only one leg". "That's impossible!" the businessman said. "All right, we shall go to the backyard and have a look whether the ducks have two legs or one leg."

As it was the night already and all the ducks were sleeping, they were all standing on one leg. The cook said, "Sir, see I told you, the ducks have only one leg." The businessman was not convinced, and he started to put his hands together and clap very loudly. The ducks were wakened up and started to run here and there. The businessman said, "Now you tell me, the ducks have how many legs."

The cook replied, "Sir, if you have given me the clap, I would have given you two legs too".

Everybody needs a pat on the shoulder to continue working. When was the last time, you show your appreciation to people who helped you or work for you?

Now if you have a role model (it can be a friend or famous people), who is able to score 100 points each for the above 5 characteristics, how much points do you give yourself? If you are not able to score full points, start working on it and maybe you can be somebody else's role model in future.

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